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Food Security Bulletins

  • Food Security Bulletin No.182007-10-30

    The monsoon created havoc in many of the Terai districts and caused landslides in numerous Hill and Mountain areas, severely impacting the food security status of poor households, many of whom lost their houses, food stocks, and assets. The monsoon rainfall had an overall positive affect on the food security situation due to good cropping conditions in most areas of the country.

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  • Food Security Bulletin No.172007-05-30

    This issue of WFP’s food security bulletin provides an update of the current food security situation in 36 districts of Nepal covered under the surveillance activity of the Food Security Monitoring and Analysis System. As expected, the food security situation during the months of March—April has improved compared to January—February as the lean period comes to an end and most of the winter crops have been harvested. 

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  • Food Security Bulletin No.162007-01-30

       The ongoing drought and adverse weather conditions continue to affect the food security situation across the country. In its latest crop and food security assessment report, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives estimates a food grain shortage of almost 190,000 Mt for the year 2006/2007. 

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