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Crop Situation Update

  • Crop Situation Update (Winter Crop 2013)2014-09-01

    2013/14 winter crop situation

    Production of winter crops (wheat and barley) was estimated at 1.9 million mt, an increase of 12.46 percent compared to the ‘normal level’1 and a decrease of 0.06 percent compared to 2012/13.

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  • Crop Situation Update (Summer Crop 2013)2014-03-07

    The 2013 summer crop (paddy, maize, millet, and buckwheat) output was estimated at 7.67 million metric tons (mt), an increase of 12.10 percent compared to last year and 11.90 percent compared to the five-year average or ‘normal’ level1.
    Out of the total summer crop production of 7.67 million mt, the production of paddy, maize, millet, and buckwheat was estimated at 5.04 million mt, 2.3 million mt, 0.30 million mt, and 0.010 million mt respectively. Compared to the normal level, the largest production gain was observed in maize (13.80 percent) followed by paddy (11.74 percent), buckwheat (7.22 percent), and millet (0.33 percent).

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