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Crop Situation Update

  • Ammendment to the Crop Situation Update June 20112011-11-28

    This amendment has been prepared to reflect the preliminary results of the 2011 National Population Census (NPC), released by the Central Bureau of Statistics in September 2011. According to the preliminary results, the population of Nepal has reached 26,620,809 with a population growth rate of 1.4 percent per annum.

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  • Crop Situation Update (A joint assessment of 2010/11 winter crops with comprehensive data on 2010/11 crop production)2011-06-27

    Wheat production in 2010/11 has increased by 12.2% to 1.75 million MT compared to 1.56 million MT last year and that of barley has increased by 9.6% to 30.2 thousand MT compared to 27.6 thousand MT last year. The production of buckwheat which is also included in cereal food balance computation from this year was 8.8 thousand MT in 2010/11.

    In 2010/11, the production of cereal crops has increased by 10.9% to 8.62 million MT compared to 7.76 million MT last year. The overall edible cereal crop production shows a total of 110 thousand MT (2%) surplus this year in contrast to 330 thousand MT (- 6%) deficit last year.

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  • Crop Situation Update(A joint assessment of 2010 summer crops and outlook for 2011 einter crops)2011-02-21

    The 2010/11 production for major summer crops (paddy, maize and millet) is estimated at 4.46 million MT, 2.07 million MT and 0.30 million MT respectively, representing an increase of 10.9 percent, 11.5 percent and 1.0 percent over the previous year, respectively.

    The winter crop is currently in growing stage and its outlook so far remains good, with production likely to be higher than last year, due to extended monsoon rains in 2010, which kept the soil moisture favourable for the germination, and to good precipitation during January-February 2011 favourable to growth, especially for wheat.

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