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Assessments and Report


  • Nepal COVID 19 Food Security & Vulnerability Update-32020-05-12

    This series of food security and vulnerability update reports has been prepared by the Nepal Food Security Monitoring System to track Nepal’s food security situation as the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 and its secondary economic impacts become felt in Nepal.

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  • COVID-19 mVAM Market Update # 22020-05-04

    This mVAM market survey was conducted in markets in 68 districts in the first round, and in 62 districts in the second round across the country with an aim to monitor the prices of essential commodities. During the second round, 117 traders were interviewed from the third week of April 2020 by telephone to assess the markets during the COVID-19 related nationwide lockdown.

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  • Final Advance Estimate of 2019 Paddy Production in Nepal using CRAFT2020-01-03

    The total paddy production of Nepal in 2019 is forecasted to be 5,431,549 MT, representing a 1.7 percent decrease compared to 2018 (5.6 million MT). The total area of paddy planted decreased slightly compared to the last year: it was estimated to be 1,480,288 hectares, against 1,491,744 hectares for 2018. However, the forecasted land productivity is estimated to be 3.67 MT per hectare. Yield estimates have a prediction uncertainty of ±7.5 percent.

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