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Assessments and Report


  • Impact of Conflict and Priorities for Assistance, August 20072007-08-29

    This report has been created as part of the joint WFP/OCHA project, “Surveillance and Programme Targeting for Post-Conflict Recovery Operations,” funded by the United Nations Peace Fund for Nepal. The data presented is an initial attempt to gain better insight into the impact of the conflict
    on people’s livelihoods and to provide guidance in targeting peace building and recovery interventions. Information and data was collected by the WFP field-based surveillance team during a rapid assessment in April 2007 which covered 37 districts of the country.

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  • Inter Agency Rapid Flood Assessment2007-08-15

    Heavy rain for a period of two weeks caused major flooding in the Terai at the end of July. In mid-August, a second period of rain resulted in renewed flooding in many areas. By the end of August most flood water had receded and areas were accessible again, however continued rain since then may cause further flooding and hardship for poor Terai communities. Flooding is a recurrent problem during the monsoon period in the plains of Nepal and there is an urgent need for a longer-term solution to mitigate the impact of flood water in the these districts through river training programmes, river drainage, embankments, building of higher shelter houses and disaster preparedness programmes for the most vulnerable areas.

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  • Special Report Food Security Assessment Mission to Nepal2007-07-25

    The Mission assessed the 2007 wheat as well as barley (minor crop) production, which were being harvested in many parts of the country in March and April. Wheat production increased by more than 7 percent due to favourable weather conditions and extra efforts made by farmers and government.

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  • Food Security Assessment of Nepal- Synthesis Document -2007-05-10

    As part of WFP preparation for the protracted relief and recovery operation “Food Assistance for Conflict-Affected Populations in Nepal”, starting in July 2007, a synthesis of findings from various assessment and information from WFP’s Food Security Monitoring and Analysis System took place to guide the planned relief and recovery operation.

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  • Food and Agricultural Markets in Nepal, February 20072007-02-25

    WFP and FAO Country Offices in Nepal jointly commissioned this study on food and agricultura markets (FAMS) to develop an agricultural market profile based on study of market dynamics within the context of a long-standing conflict in order to contribute to the decision making in case of emergency. The study was prepared, relying heavily on secondary data sources complimented by primary information collected through different market sizes in different regions and key  informants such as traders

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