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• All 24 VDCs in cluster A  and B  are in minimally food insecure  position.                                                                                                            

• Food including 100 qtls of rice,  94 qtls of sugar, 100 qtls of Oats, 887 kgs of tea and 750 kgs of salt  were distributed from chinese government in 5 VDCs in the Karan belt in the northern part in the month of July 2013.                                                                                                                                                                          

• Distribution of 1612.88 mt rice from NFC.                                                                                                          


• Food security  situation expected to be deteriorated in Cluster "A" which includes 16 VDCs and  security     situation is expected to be remained same in cluster "B" which includes 8 VDCs.                                                                                            

• Worsening weather, impact in transportation will decrease the market and HH stock of food items, however food price will remain stable due to the excess stock in this quarter.   NFC stock -   492.48 mt.                                                                                                                                

•  Some 7000 kgs of NTFPs like Jatamaci, sugandawal, kaladana, Kutkijara, Atish, satuwa, chiraito, kakarsingi, bishjara, local masroom, bojho, setachini, pakhanbed are permitted to collect in  next quarter.