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Distict Food Security Meeting was held in Myagdi in the chairmanship of Local Development Officer Mr. Bishnu Pd. Paudel on the date of 11 Jan 2014. The main agendas in the meeting were about acute food security situtation overview and future strategy. In the meeting, the discussion was made under the template prepared by Technical Working Group. And the food security situation was deeply analyzed and concluded as Minimally Food Insecure on the basis of different monitiorng indicators of food security. On the otherhand, the structure of network was reshuffled and Chief District Officer was placed in chairperson of network headed by LDO in forth. Similarly the DADO Mr. Basant Kumar Shrestha put his remarks on food security situation of the district and CDO put his final comments and suggested that it is very important to analyze the situation of the district in a periodic basis but very reliability in data is necessary so that we could reach near to the acuracy for program and response planning.

  • DFSN meeting held in Myagdi2013-12-31

    DFSN meeting held  in Myagdi

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