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The Cost of Coping August 2009

Nepal has experienced a sharp and sustained decline in food security. Like many countries in the world, Nepal has been hit by a collision of crises, the intertwining effects of: the World Food Crisis, the International Economic Crisis, and the Global Climate Change Crisis. These crises come on top of serious domestic food challenges, including a domestic food production crisis, high rates of poverty, 10 years of recent civil conflict and ongoing political instability. Compared to neighboring countries, and indeed countries around the world, Nepal’s food security situation has suffered considerably over the past 3 years. WFP estimates that:

3.4 million people have become highly to severely food insecure due to 2007/08 food price
increases and the 2008/09 winter drought,
an additional 5 million people have potentially fallen below the poverty line in Nepal during the
past 3 years, and

the cost of coping with food insecurity has increased dramatically (e.g. 30 percent of rural and regional families monitored by WFP during October—December 2008 removed children from school, and over 30 percent sold agricultural assets).

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