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Nepal mVAM Bulletin # 4

We are pleased to share the mVAM Bulletin-4 based on the results of NeKSAP food security monitoring survey conducted in Karnali Province and mountain districts of Sudur Paschim Province (Bajura, Bajhang and Darchula).

The household survey was conducted in September 2018 using a multi-stage stratified sampling design, selecting 174 primary sampling units (PSUs): 75 in Karnali hills and 49 each in Karnali and Sudur Paschim mountain areas. A total of 15 households were interviewed in each PSU, using both face to face and telephone interviews. A total of 2029 sampled households were surveyed: 1,124 in Karnali hills, 584 in Karnali mountains and 321 in Sudur Paschim mountains, of which 551 were surveyed by telephone. Moreover, 195 traders from 96 markets were also interviewed regarding the market situation in their area.


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