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Inter Agency Rapid Flood Assessment

Heavy rain for a period of two weeks caused major flooding in the Terai at the end of July. In mid-August, a second period of rain resulted in renewed flooding in many areas. By the end of August most flood water had receded and areas were accessible again, however continued rain since then may cause further flooding and hardship for poor Terai communities. Flooding is a recurrent problem during the monsoon period in the plains of Nepal and there is an urgent need for a longer-term solution to mitigate the impact of flood water in the these districts through river training programmes, river drainage, embankments, building of higher shelter houses and disaster preparedness programmes for the most vulnerable areas.

In order to assess the impact of the flood on people’s livelihoods, food security, education, health and nutrition status and to formulate appropriate short- and longer-term responses, an inter-agency assessment was organized by WFP, UNICEF and Save the Children Alliance with field level support provided by the Nepal Red Cross Society. Highlights of the findings include the following:

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