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Food Security Bulletin No.28

The food security situation in the Mid and Far Western Hill and Mountain (M&FWHM) districts remains of major concern: winter crop production of wheat and barley were severely affected by localized natural disasters during the pre-harvesting period in late March-April. Production losses of above 50 percent were reported in the following districts: Bajura, Achham, Humla, Mugu, and Kalikot (drought); Rukum (heavy snowfall) and Dailekh (hailstorm). Six VDCs in upper Dolpa became highly food insecure as households depleted their food stock and could not replenish their food supply. Households in this area were particularly affected by the death of more than 200 yaks in a snow avalanche in February 2010. In addition, the Yarchagumba (medicinal herb) collection was reportedly reduced by 40 percent in the district. An improved food security situation was reported in Doti and Darchula due to a normal to moderate winter crop production, collection of herbs (Yarchagumba) and support from development aid agencies such as WFP, FAO, PAF and Practical Action. 

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