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Food Security Bulletin No.24

The current food security situation is worrisome and has deteriorated significantly compared to the same period last year.  Despite significant food assistance to the Karnali region, most of the districts in the Karnali and Far West are currently classified as highly food insecure.

ƒThe maize crop that is due to be harvested next month is expected to be poor leaving hundreds of thousands of families with no respite from the food scarcity caused from the winter drought. Summer paddy production is likely to be significantly affected by the late monsoon rains, with areas of the Mid and Far West likely to experience severe paddy crop loss. 

An early estimate by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives indicates a food grain shortage of 400,000 Mt for this year. ƒFood supply is further challenged in the Mountain and Hill areas because of transport disruptions because of the monsoon. Food prices of major commodities continue to remain high and are expected to increase until the paddy  harvest. 

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