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Food Security Bulletin No.22

Over 26,000 people are highly food insecure in Dolpa, Jumla and Mugu where cases of acute child malnutrition have been reported. 

ƒSeveral areas of the Hills and Mountains of the Mid/Far-West are highly or moderately food insecure due to remoteness and marginal agricultural land, poor to moderate summer crops production (making people more dependent on purchased food), high food prices and limited income opportunities. 

ƒThough the food security situation has improved in the flood affected areas of West Terai, about 40,000 people are still highly food insecure and need support for the rehabilitation of their livelihoods.

ƒOver the period October to December 2008, the number of highly and severely food insecure people decreased compared to the previous quarter. WFP and other agencies interventions, the harvesting of summer crops, improved market supplies and income opportunities with the end of the rainy season, contributed to this improvement.

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