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Food Security Bulletin No.18

The monsoon created havoc in many of the Terai districts and caused landslides in numerous Hill and Mountain areas, severely impacting the food security status of poor households, many of whom lost their houses, food stocks, and assets. The monsoon rainfall had an overall positive affect on the food security situation due to good cropping conditions in most areas of the country. WFP in partnership with NDRI and with technical input from UNICEF and UNAIDS is currently undertaking a migration study. The aim of the study is to assess the viability of short-term migration as a coping strategy for poor households, with particular focus on communities affected by natural disasters. Field data will be collected from different locations in Nepal, at the border with India and within India. This bulletin provides an update on the current food security situation in Nepal and identifies areas that require assistance and/or need close monitoring. 

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