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Food Security Bulletin No.13

This monitoring cycle marks the harvesting season of wheat, barely and potato. As anticipated in Bulletin 12, there has been a decrease in wheat and barley production this year, particularly in areas without irrigation facilities. Inadequate rain and snowfall during the planting and growth stages, in addition to localized hailstorms in some areas, have contributed to 20-100% crop losses. Production was most severely affected in the Midwest and Far-western Development Regions, though all monitored districts were affected to some extent. In many market areas, moderate increases in the price of food items have been reported, compared to last year. These increases are thought to be a result of low production and higher prices at source markets. During the CPN(M) Bandh from March 14-20 and a SPA general strike from April 6-24, temporary but more dramatic increases in market prices were observed, due to the transportation constraints and diminishing stocks.

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