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Food Security Bulletin No.06

This monitoring cycle is the period of major cereal harvest in Nepal, traditionally the season of plenty. Eight districts have seen a reduction of perhaps 10-20% in paddy yields, year-on-year, due to hailstones, monsoon delays, and collateral damage of the flooding earlier this year. Two districts have seen a reduction in maize yields, one insignificant, the other perhaps as much as 50 percent. The remaining 22 districts covered by WFP/VAM’s Food Security Monitoring have enjoyed normal or augmented cereal yields.

Immediately post harvest, stocks tend to be adequate. The effect of the localized yield reductions on food security, which depends on more than production, will only become apparent in subsequent monitoring cycles. This cycle did not show up evidence of a general deterioration in food security in the districts and VDCs covered by WFP/VAM’s Food Security Monitoring.

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