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Food Security Bulletin No.02

This bulletin reviews general food security related issues in the current context of Nepal in WFP programme districts from January to mid March, 2004.Observations are based on field data, quantifiable indicators, and anecdotal information systematically collected by WFP field monitors since the end of 2002.

The lean season is in its most difficult months in the chronically food insecure districts of Nepal. Production from the harvests of the last quarter of 2003 has been mostly consumed and many households will traditionally suffer food shortages until the next harvests in April /May 2004.As the lean season advances, coping indices show a deterioration in household level food security as compared to previous months in most of the survey districts while local conditions have also created some difficult situations. Northern VDCs of Dailekh, for example, are said to be facing difficult circumstances following low maize production caused by heavy rainfall and windstorms in October 2003 and current wheat production also below normal levels due to inadequate rainfall. However, food availability, in general terms, does not appear to be significantly worse than usual at this time of year.

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