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Crop Situation Update Summer Crop 2014-15

2014/15 summer crop situation
Production of summer crops (paddy, maize, millet and buckwheat) was estimated at 7.2 million mt, an increase of 3.45 percent compared to the preceding five-year average and a decrease of 5.12 percent compared to 2013/14. At 7.2 million mt, production of paddy, maize, millet and buckwheat was estimated at 4.7 million mt, 2.1 million mt, 308,000 mt and 10,870 mt respectively. With 1.97 million mt of production, the eastern region has the largest share of summer crop production (27.24 percent) followed by the central region (27 percent).

Paddy contributed to 66 percent of the total summer crop output in 2014/15. With 1.3 million mt of paddy production, the central region contributed the largest share (28 percent). Jhapa, Rupandehi, Morang, Kailali and Kapilvastu were the top five paddy producing districts in 2014/15.
Overall, growing conditions for 2014/15 summer crops were reported as poor. The monsoon was delayed and weak at the onset, which delayed paddy transplantation, especially in the eastern Terai. On the other hand, torrential rainfall and flash floods damaged standing crops in some mid-western districts. Average rainfall (June to September) was 94 percent of the preceding 30-year average.

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