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District Food Security Network Bulletin_Baitadi

Food security situation_Chaitra'071 - Ashad'072 (16 Mar. 2015 to 15 Jul. 2015)

Overall food security situation of the district is minimally food insecure during this reporting period. Out of total 62 VDCs and 1 municipality all are in phase 1. A majority of households are consuming cereals, pulses, milk and oil (bread, beans, milk products and oil) as traditional food habits but food consumption is not diversified. The District Health Office (DHO) record suggests the prevalence of acute malnutrition to be 1.17% in the district; however, this information is based on reported cases of sick children accessing health services, so it is not representative of the general population. Livelihood strategies have remained stable in the district during this reporting period.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

 In cluster A, HHs food stock is sufficient for more than four months due to availability of land and irrigation facilities and in cluster B it is sufficient for more than three months due to normal harvest of summer crops. Most VDCs of cluster A are linked by market catchment area and road nearer with enough opportunities for wage labor. Whereas in cluster A and B market price of rice was decreased by -3% compared to last year and key markets have sufficient food stock due to frequent access of transportation. Wage employment opportunities were there as different development works were run by GOs, I/NGOs moreover this was period for end of  FY 071/72. People are using traditional livelihood strategies for living by doing wage labor, selling vegetables, livestock products etc. Water supply and sanitation systems were operational as no any obstruction due to extreme climate and availability of water was sufficient during this period. No any significant natural disaster and diseases has occurred whereas security situation was generally peaceful.

Food security outlook_Sharawan'072 - Kartik'072 (16 Jul.2015 to 15 Nov. 2015)

Overall outlook of the district will remain same although there will be seasonal deterioration in food security situation during Shrawan-Bhadra (i.e. Jul.-Aug). The situation, however, will improve with summer crop harvest. Summer crops harvest {period Bhadra-Ashwin (Aug .-Sep.)} which is expected to be normal, will increase  HHs food stock. Key market's will have sufficient food stock due to regular food supply without blockage and wage labor opportunities will be there as development works will be continuous by governmental and non-governmental development agencies. Income through vegetable, milk & it’s product and firewood will be continuous. This will be time of remittance collection as two great festivals _Dashain and Tihar are up coming and people will use traditional livelihood strategies for living. 

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