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About Us

The Nepal Food Security Monitoring System (NeKSAP) collects, analyzes and presents information on household food security, emerging crises, markets and nutrition from across Nepal. It is the comprehensive food security monitoring and analysis system in Nepal. The NeKSAP was initially established by the World Food Programme but is currently being institutionalized by the Government of Nepal in collaboration with the Ministry of Agricultural Development(MoAD) and the National Planning Commission(NPC).

Overall Objective

To improve the food security situation in Nepal by enhancing the capacity of the GoN to design, plan, and implement evidence-based food security policies.

Specific Objective

To strengthen the capacity of the GoN to monitor and analyze the country’s food security status through strengthening and institutionalizing  of the comprehensive Nepal Food Security Monitoring System (NeKSAP) within the government structure.

Information Products

As part of the ongoing food security monitoring activities, the NeKSAP produces quarterly Food Security Bulletins, Crop Situation Updates, Market Watch updates and early warning information.  These reports are disseminated to the Nepal Government and throughout the donor and development community in order to provide critical information on food security and on rural livelihood conditions in Nepal. The primary field-level data which are collected are an unparalleled source of factual information and hence exerts considerable influence on the audience’s perception of food security in the country. In addition, the NeKSAP undertakes emergency needs assessments, produces Food for Thought papers and conducts thematic and sector specific studies.

District Food Security Networks(DFSNs) in each district of the country validate, exchange and generate up-to-date food security information. These networks prepare quarterly District Food Security Bulletins, food security phase classification maps and provide an food security outlook based on the latest information locally available.

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