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Current Food Security Situation mid july to mid november

Paddy production increased this year by 21% that have been harvested during the beginning of this cycle contributing the HH food stock for more than 4 months. Production of situation of wheat, oilseed and pulse are good. Income through the sale of sugarcane, winter vegetable, fish, meat, milk and egg are also in increasing order.  Income through remittance & wage labor is normal. More than 80% of HH have access to basic food need. Natural Disaster, Human disease & epidemic and Social security situation is normal. Sufficient stock of main staples in key markets. Sufficient water supply is available for drinking and sanitation. 16 indicators out of 17 indicators are in phase I. So   district is minimally food insecure overall.

Current Food Security Outlook

Wheat & Maize will be harvested during March/April and the production situation looks better. The production situation of major cash crop like Pulse, lentil, vegetable (Baisakha) & fish look good. The production of wheat during the beginning of cycle will contribute the HH food stock and Market stock.  Supply of major cereals from India looks prolong. Production situation of livestock products expected to be normal. Income through wage labor and remittance will be similar. There will be affordable market price of major commodities. So the district will be minimally food insecure during next cycle.