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Current Food Security Situation of Nuwakot ( July 15 - Nov 16, 2013): 

All 61 vdcs and 1 municipality of the district are Minimally Food Insecure (Phase 1).

HHs have food stock sufficient for more than 4 months due to harvest of maize, potato and previous stock of early paddy.

Major markets are functioning well with sufficient food stock; income from sale of agri./livestock products and wage opportunities in agricultural works.

Remittance inflow has increased due to festival season.




Food Security Outlook (Nov 16 - Mar 15, 2014):  

Outlook for food security situation of this district is likely to remain same(Minimally Food Insecure):

Currently harvested paddy, millet and previous stock of maize will be sufficient.

Major markets will function well as supply of food commodities will increase due to good road condtion;

income opportunities will be available in hydropower projects, DDC/VDC funded development activities;

remittance inflow is supposed to continue.