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Doti District Food Security Situation July-November 2013

Overall the food security situation is Minimal food insecure although the situation was moderately food insecure during the month of July-August due to lean period, however the situation was improve after the harvest of summer crop. Summer crops production(Paddy,Millet & Maize) in total  increase by 3491.5 MT,Income through Vegetable and Cash crops during this season around 1000 HHs income  @NRP 8000/HHs,HHs have food stock for more than 4 months from last harvest of summer crops and other sources,  Normal market price of coarse rice compared to last year this cycle , Key markets have sufficient food stock due to regular supply, wage opportunities will be regular due different development activies ongoing from GOs and I/NGOs, People are using traditional coping mechanism by selling vegetable, cash crops and doing daily wage work.

Food Security Outlook

The overall situation is expected to be deteriorate due to HHs food stock in depleting condition, lean period, market price may increase due to lean period(paddy), and also petrulim price in increasing trend, flow of remmittance may be low due to out migration period.