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Current Food Security Situation (Mid July- Mid November 2013)

- All the VDCs have been classified as minimally food insecure and majority of householods are able to access and consume food without shifting their livelihood strategies. However, CBS data shows that 63% of households have normal consumption pattern.

- Households have food stock for (3-4) months due to harvesting of maize. They have an increase income of 2-3% (NPR 622 million) from sale of livestock products (meat, milk, chicketn, eggs); an increase income of 5% (NPR 540 million) from remittance inflow as well as a worth of NPR 15 million invested in rural road and trail bridge construction works supported by DDC.

- Particularly, households earned an income of NPR 197 million from sale of winter vegetables (cabbages, cauliflower, radish and ginger) in cluster "A" whereas significant income earned from sale of vegetables, ginger and Tejpat in cluster "B" and "C".

- Market price (coarse rice has gone up from NPR 33 to 38) has hiked by 15% due to monsoon compared to this season last year across the district.

- Estimated, 75% households have safe drinking water supply with more than 15 litres of water /capita/ day by main sources of public taps, tube- wells, springs, etc. including 53% have sanitation facilities over the district.

- DPHO reports that the district has normal situation of malnutrition (under weight < 5 years children) by 1.8% including diseases outbreaks.

Food Security Outlook (Mid November- Mid March 2014)

- All the VDCs are expected to be remained normal as minimally food insecure for the period of 2nd trimester (16 Nov- 14 Mar 2014) across the district.

- This FS situation is expected mainly due to completion of harvesting of summer crops (paddy, millet, legume grains, etc.); income from sale of livestock and its products; income from seasonal vegetables (cluster A) and citrus. legume grains, gingers (cluster B and C); continuous inflow of remittance as well as wage opportunities available in construction fields suport by I/N/GOs.

- Market price is expected to be improved due to new commodities come into the markets after harvesting of summer crops including resumes smooth supply situation.

- Additionally, water supply system and sanitation facilities are predicted to be operational including normal sutation of human diseases and climatic hazards.