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Current Food Security Situation (Mid July- Mid November 2013)

• All the VDCs are classified as Minimally Food Insecure during the reporting cycle. Key reasons are: more than 50 percent households have sufficient food stocks with more than four months. 31 out of total 34 VDCs of have harvested largely of major crops; potato, maize, paddy and millet with increase productivity compared than last year. However, three VDCs of the northern part of the district have depended on market purchase though more than 65% households have good wage opportunities in expedition, trekking-tourism and hotel business. 

• All the VDCs have access to markets with affordable price. 31 VDCs have good income from wage employment in construction and agricultural activities as well as from sale of cash crops and non-timber forest products- NTFPs (Potato, Chilly, Ginger, Cardamom, Chiraito, Stuwa, Ketuki, Banlasun, etc).  Particularly, an estimated of NPR 824.9 million income generated through cash crops/NTFPs and livestock products as well as a worth NPR 298 million from remittance inflow.

• Normal situation of diseases outbreaks and climatic hazards is reported across the district.

• Stabilized market services with regular transportation and peaceful situation are observed during the period.

Current Food Security Outlook (Mid November- Mid March 2014)

Food security situation is anticipated to be remained same as previous as minimally food insecure across the district. Households' food stock likely to be remained adequate due to previous stock and access to market purchases with stable prices.

The stock situation of main staples in the main markets will remain stable due to regular supply and transportation facilities.

Normal climatic hazards and peaceful situation is expected.